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Introducing the 1st
Cloud Solution for
Restaurant eClub
Increase Signups 500% or more
Turn All Your check presenters into
an electronic e-Club Signup Solution
Capture and store important customer
buying & spending habits
Eliminate ALL paperwork associated with
traditional eClub programs... automatically
Send Welcome eMails the very next day
Eliminate frequent handwriting errors

Electronic Solutions for ALL Industry Segments

Encore ePad Check Presenter Solution

One Product Alone Will Solve All Your eClub Problems…Automatically

Our Check Presenter Loyalty Solution quite literally perfects the entire eClub signup process. It eliminates the biggest problem in obtaining signups… the waitstaff. Instead of ignoring this responsibility because they believe it is one more thing they have to do that they do not get paid for, they are actually placed in a situation where they are literally forced into a conversation to explain how the ePad works. Customers can’t miss the bright tablet presentation and are familar with its use because they most likely have one of their own.

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Encore ePad Free Standing Kiosk Solution

No Need For A Waitstaff When You Have a 24/7 Kiosk Signing Customers Up

While terms like “fast” and “quick” are associated most with restaurant concepts that chose to implement a Point of Sale device, it doesn’t necessarily mean your customer is not willing to take the time to join your eClub. It’s important to keep in mind that they are visiting a value priced restaurant like yours because they have a strong interest in the value of a dollar. Offer them an incentive to join your eClub and use that as an incentive and they will most certainly “make the time” to take 1 minute to save even more money on their next visit.

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Menu Tablets & the Encore Loyalty Solution

It was inevitable that 2 great technologies would come together to deliver the ultimate Loyalty Solution

Developed by experienced operators with decades of restaurant experience, Meditative® was designed around two goals – to enrich the guest experience and improve operational efficiency.

Encore Loyalty is proud to have been selected by iMenuTech to provide our Loyalty Solution within their patented Menu Tablet product (Menuvative) to aide in furthering the overall Dining Experience they offer their existing and future customers. The combination of these two revolutionary solutions make them the most desirable obvious solution.

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A Web Portal Devoted Exclusively to Customer Loyalty

Our proprietary reporting portal is custom designed to track and measure your customer feedback

The Encore Loyalty Solution is the first turn-key system designed specifically to support and enhance the customer email acquisition process for any Customer Loyalty program in the country. This system not only supports the most basic of email programs, but we can ensure the lists we manage will inevitably meet the standards set forth by the premier email service providers in the country.

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