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LIVE Customer Reviews
...That Will Grow Your Business

Compare daily data to spot trends talking place in your restaurant that
measure important aspects of your business collected exclusively
from your REAL CUSTOMERS who matter most!

* Service * Quality * Portion * Overall Value * Timelines

Interact Directly With Your Customers
… Inside Your Own 4-Walls

Obtain LIVE valuable information from your customers
as they sit at your table

The ePad allows your customers the perfect opportunity, at just the right time while it is still fresh on their mind, to leave their candid feedback about the dining experience they just had. This ensures the feedback they are providing is timely, sincere and truly represents their overall satisfaction right before they get up and leave.
Experts agree that if they had a bad experience, they are 60% LESS likely to return home and post their displeasures on social media.

Measure and compare scores by category to the same score of other ePad clients asking the same question

Many companies provide “scores” based on the feedback they are receiving from their customers, but the our system takes that an important step further and compares ALL your score to that of your competition. This initial graph represents an overall score.
At a glance, our clients can determine if their score is above or below average and to what degree. This give our restaurant Owners and management an opportunity to spot trends, in real time and address discrepancy with their staff BEFORE they become a bigger problem.

Drill down and learn even more about each aspect of your customers’ visit to discover their likes and dislikes.

When you click on any other the questions displayed on the previous chart, it will drill down and allow you to view scores that are compiled for each individual question asked on the ePad including:
Service * Quality * Portion of Food * Timeliness * Overall Value
Overall scores are fine, but often they can hide an issue your customer had with just one particular aspect of your business you may not even be aware of. That is why it is important to review all scores to all the questions displayed on the ePad.

“Word Of Mouth Advertising” is still important and now it too can be measured for it’s effectiveness.

Everyone wants to believe they have great word of mouth advertising, but no one can measure that… until now! The Encore ePad system not only measures the degree of loyalty your customers have for your store, but gives you an opportunity to measure that against your competition at the same time.
Brand Loyalty has never been so easy to evaluate before and you may even discover the results to be a bit humbling as well.