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Encore ePad Technology

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GO GREEN and Eliminate Paper Use 100%!
Eliminate ALL of the paper associated with every other email program!
  • Eliminate paper & printing cost of an eClub
  • Greatly enhance customer exprince
  • Save time & costs associated with shipping
  • Gain valuable customer feedback
  • Success no longer related directly to waitstaf
  • Reduce negative comments on social media
  • Drive repeat business even more quickly!
  • Increase “the buzz” about your restuarant locally


Although the Encore Loyalty ePad is compatible with any Email Marketing Provider, it is designed to be fully automated with with Encore Loyalty’s email system. Each day all customer data and email addresses are seamlessly uploaded to the system, downloaded into client email lists whereby all customers who signup the day before will automatically be sent a welcome “Thank You” offer.

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