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Our Technology Automates The Entire eClub Process

Increasing your Revenue has never been so simple!

The more you know about your customers, the better prepared you are to service their needs. In the fast-paced and highly competitive world of restaurants, responding to customer interests, concerns and complaints in a timely manner are crucial to your success. The Encore e-Pad Loyalty Solution ensures that you can meet these demands head on to enhance your customer’s dining experience. Additionally, your customers will be impressed with the look and feel of the ePads and will leave knowing you have made an investment in knowing what is important to them.

The Encore e-Pad not only turns your least effective waiters into your best salesperson, but it also forces a dialogue and conversation between them and your guests as they ask, “What is this?” Our clients can now be assured that every single customer that dines in there restaurant will know they not only have an e-Club, but what the benefit is in joining… automatically and every time.

New & Existing Customers

While it has long been known that it costs 5 times more to attract a new customer than it does to retain an existing customer, the Encore Loyalty Solution has managed to widen that gap even further. Automating the entire e-Club signup and Welcome Letter fulfillment process cuts weeks of time reconnecting with that customer of yours that just signed up for your e-Club the day before! Striking while the iron is still red hot and quickly following through on a promise to email your customer an offer will always be appreciated as the great customer service it is.

e-Pad Data

Customers enthusiastically interact with the Encore e-Pad and type in their valuable opinions and e-Club information. This data is immediately encrypted and stored locally on the tablet before it is eventually securely pushed to the Encore Cloud later that evening. The e-Pad has proven to be a fun and tasteful way to leave that last impression your customers will have before walking outside your 4-walls. It’s the ultimate way to say, “Thank you and come back again soon!”

Client Portal

The entire Encore e-Pad Loyalty System was designed around our Client Portal which allows our clients to interpret all the millions of bits of data in such a concise manner that it allows them to better understand their customers wants, needs, & track their buying and spending habits. The key to the portal is the ability to login to retrieve vital “white listed” e-Club data that is required by your favorite Email Marketing Provider.

NOTE: All Encore Loyalty clients will automatically have their e-Club information sent to their database requiring no further action on the part of the restaurant.

  • Retrieve “White Listed” e-Club data
  • Permanently store customer email lists
  • Survey Results are “scored” and compared to other restaurants
  • Written Customer Comments are permanently stored for future reference
e-Club Data

Once the e-Club data is automatically sent to Encore Loyalty’s computer database, or manually captured and sent to another Email Provider, most systems will then automatically generate your Welcome Letter that will prompt your customers to return to your restau