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Follow The Science of Numbers
and Zero-in On Your Customers DNA

The more information you have on your customers
buying and spending habits the more clear you
become on what precisely drives their visits

The Most Valuable Knowledge
… Comes from Your Customers

Discover when and how often your customers visit and
how likely they are to recommend you

This page on the ePad provides answers to the most fundamental marketing questions every restaurant should know the answers to. Knowing how your repeat business breaks down can tell you if your restaurant is going to stay healthy economically or is slowly headed in a downward spiral. Having the ability to measure what advertising is working best for you is invaluable.
As they say, “50% of your advertising works for you. The only problem is knowing what 50% that is.” Ask your customers!

If you want to drive more NEW business into our restaurant, then ask your customers, “How did you find us?”

If you wish all your repeat customers brought in one of their friends every time them came back into your restaurant then you need to know where you found them in the first place. Knowing these answers can save you thousands of dollars on marketing!
Test your marketing sources and ask your customers. Ask your them if they saw your billboard, expensive ad in a magazine or heard your ad on the radio. If results show less than 10% then you are probably wasting your money on that advertising vehicle.

There are ONLY 2 ways to increase revenue. 1) bring in new customers. 2) increase the frequency of existing customers.

The main objective of eMail Marketing is to bring back a customer “One more time” whether it is a first time customer or a repeat. It doesn’t matter if a customer comes in 50 times a year, an email program will bring them back 51 or more times. It’s human nature.
Staying in constant communication with your customer will insure that your email message will not only get you on the “Where should we go eat?” list, but it will get them to visit and spend. The reason is quite simple. Every single person on your email list has been to your restaurant before, had a great meal and OPTED IN to stay in touch