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Increase your eClub Signups 300% OR MORE!

The entire ePad System was originally designed to specifically increase our clients eClub
signups. Currently our clients are realizing anywhere from 300 - 750 new eClub members
each and every month!

Create A Paradigm Shift With Your Waitstaff
… Automatically!

Change the “ who” and “how” responsible for collecting your eClub signups

90% of Restaurant Owners understand how difficult it is to gain the full support from their waitstaff to collect new eClub Signups. They don’t need to change WHO is responsible to collect new eClub Signups, they simply need to change HOW to collect these signups.
Shift this responsibility to the ePad and your eClub signups will skyrocket consistently the very first day automatically! All the waiter needs to do is place an ePad check presenter on the table and walk away like they always do.

Track and stream data in Real Time

STOP guessing what impressions your customers have about your business and start managing your business based on real data from actual customers in real time! Our various sections allow you to “drill down” and discover, in great detail, exactly what impressions they have made on your customers each and every day… hour by hour. Understand the entire dining experience of each customer that have not only left valuable feedback, but also those compelled them to join your special eClub… without a word spoken by any of your waitstaff.

Want to know why? Click on any “ session” and understand exactly why a customer left you the feedback they did.

The ePad system supplies so much data, that you are able to actually understand “why” a customer had the overall impression they did on each visit. Was it just one aspect of their visit they took exception to, or was it several?
This section of the reporting will make that abundantly clear. You will come to understand what your repeat customers, as well as your first time customers, find attractive about your business. The results will surprise you!