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Frequently Asked Questions & Answer

What kinds of reports are available on the Report Portal?

The following information will be securely stored and available 24/7
Customer full name
Email address
Birthday month & day
Anniversary month & day
Customer Feedback relative scores
All written customer comments

How do I Access my Report Portal?

It’s cloud-based, so you can view it in real-time from anywhere in the world with a web browser (phone, tablet or computer).

Is my Guest/Customer Feedback Shared With the Public?

No.  All of your customer information remains secure and private from everyone except to those within your organization you decide should have access. We practice and adhere to all “white listed” requirements for acquiring email info.

Does the staff require any technical experience to manage the ePad?

Anyone who can surf the Internet can make great use of the benefits of the Encore ePad. All devices will arrive ready to be used once they are setup to your restaurant’s WIFI connection.

What protection does the Encore ePad offer against Theft?

They system is equipped with a proprietary security program that only allows the device to be operated as intended making it incapable of being used as an Android device without entering a unique password.

What if my WIFI connection goes down?

When an Internet connection is lost for any reason, the system will automatically update when Internet connectivity is restored. The ePad has plenty of memory capable of storing several days of data if it becomes necessary.

Is Internet connectivity required?

WIFI connectivity is only required when updating customer email and data info overnight. The ePad stores data locally so there is no need to have an Internet connection to actually run the program.

Can I Choose My Own Survey Questions?

We encourage our clients to create their own unique questions to learn as much as they can about their customers buying and spending habits.

Do I need a graphics expert to design my pages to match my branding?

You do not have to hire or contact any expert when it comes to updating pictures or overall theme. Changing pictures and restaurant logo in eZee iMenu comes with easy to use system where you just have to select the right picture in any format and it will update it automatically across all menus.

How long does a charge last on the Encore ePad?

While we recommend charging tablets between shift changes, the Encore ePad is equipped with long lasting lithium polymer batteries that are capable of holding a standby charge for several days. A pre-programmed sleep mode also assists in extending battery life.

Can I have my restaurant’s logo placed on the front cover of the case?

Yes! For those clients that want the ultimate branding experience, we can offer a service to have your logo embossed on the case for a minimal charge based on the number of cases needed. Contact our office for details.

How do you keep the tablets from being dropped and broken?

Breakage is rare because all tablets are delivered inside a custom case that has been designed specifically to protect it against most common accidents. If the unexpected does occur, simply contact us about receiving a replacement device or repairs.

What type of tablet does the Encore ePad run on?

The tablets are all 7” Android based glass-screen tablets that will maintain their elegant appearance for a long time to come. The high definition screen resolution of 1280 x 800 delivers extremely sharp and crisp images that can be viewed with very little distortion from a wide degree of angles.