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The Best Solutions ARE The Simplest

When you identify a problem and the problem persists, that's the time to start looking
for the simplest solution. We found the solution and it was right under everyone's
noses the entire time

Create A Paradigm Shift With Your Waitstaff
… Automatically Overnight!

Switch your waitstaff from being the source of the problem to… problem-solvers with their customers

Our Custom Email Marketing Program stands alone in the Industry because we offer the unique advantage of delivering the best of both worlds, custom full-service and deliverability. Large “white listed” email providers tend to deliver very basic template approaches in their creative process thus diluting what should be a strong “branded” message. Small boutique companies as well as Ad Agencies may provide a great branded message, but fall extremely short in areas of programming, deliverability and especially the processing of new member signups.

The ePad was created as an electronic solution to the paper signup card process used for years. (attached) On this web page I will write copy to explain how this process evolved from the attached images to the Encore ePad and explain the benefits of “going electronic”