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Fast Casual & Quick Serve Solution

Strategically placed Point os Sale kiosk will attract customers to signup for eClubs
while they are waiting for their food or returning to the drink & service counters.

Convenient, Fast & Easy To Use

Attract attentions in your heaviest traffic areas

Monthly emails are the core of your email marketing strategy and understanding how important they are to the total success of your email marketing program is why we create up to two of them every single month. How to craft what is promoted within the email is an art unto itself It’s important to note that offers (coupons) are NOT critical to the success of an email program. While we recommend to several of our clients to “shy away” from offers, you must keep in mind that it is important to periodically send one out. In doing so you are able to not only keep your eClub Members engaged, but it is also the only way to truly gauge the success of your email program analyzing your online reports. We can’t emphasize enough